The AV... Guys

Most of the clients and contractors we work with call us the AV guys. We don't mind, it's a lot shorter to say and easier to remember than "Residential Technology Integrators." And it paints a fairly accurate picture of what we do and why we started this company. Audio and Video distribution are exciting components of what we offer and deserve top billing. We are truly passionate about high fidelity music throughout the house, easily accessed through a simple interface. We love giving access to multiple cable or satellite DVRs, movies, game systems, and streamable internet content from any video display in the house.

However, there are some other technologies, such as Lighting control, Security, Shades, HVAC control, Networking, and Cameras, that shape our company and make our job so fun. We are thrilled to give our clients the ability to access every light in the house and create a scene to transform their home into an architectural showcase. We rest easier knowing that our clients can monitor their house systems remotely when out of town. We are pleased to know that our clients are consuming less energy and spending less money on their home climate control systems through smart scheduling. And no matter how many times we do it, setting and recalling presets of a pan-tilt-zoom camera on a touchpanel always confirms that what we do is pretty cool.

So what should we be called? With only one vowel in the mix, there is no chance at arranging the letters AVLSSHNC into anything pronounceable. We are still proud to be called the AV guys. But while our passion begins with AV, it extends to any technology that can make our clients' home more comfortable, enjoyable, secure, and efficient.