Performance, Reliability, and Simplicity

Design is the foundation of our company. Without a great design, a fully integrated home control system cannot be achieved. Thomas David takes great pride in designing systems that respond to the needs of our client with the knowledge gained through years of industry experience. Every design begins with listening to the client, understanding their vision, and creating the solution that makes the interaction with their systems enjoyable. We rely on three standards in our approach to this goal, Performance, Reliability, and Simplicity.

Performance. In the world of technology there are many levels of sophistication. Within each level, there are different levels of performance. Thomas David continuously evaluates the performance of all manufacturers to ensure we provide the highest quality products in all levels of sophistication.

Reliability is often viewed as the most important part of the system, and for good reason. Thomas David realizes that no matter how sophisticated or high-end a system might be, if it doesn't work, it is of little value. That is why every design, product, and user interface is thought through with the utmost attention to detail. We also understand that nothing, no matter how much we want it to be, is perfect. That is why someone is always available to help if there is ever a question.

Simplicity is achieved by creating intuitive user interfaces that make the most complex tasks as simple as a push of a button. The user interfaces created by Thomas David are designed to integrate every system of the residence through an intuitive and easy-to-use single point of control.