Climate Control

Thomas David provides the ability to control the temperature, humidity, and air movement in a residence through a single user interface. Integrating a climate control system allows you to control every room individually or together with preset scenes. You can even run schedules that automatically adjust the residence based on time and day of the week.

From any single point of control the client has the ability to view and adjust the climate settings of any room in the house. Suppose you are relaxing on the sofa in the family room, thinking about going to bed. Even though the system automatically adjusts to your desired temperature every night, tonight you can't shake the cold and want it a little warmer. From the touch panel you are using to listen to your favorite jazz record, you simply press the climate option, select the master bedroom, and turn the heat up a little bit higher than normal. When you finally make it to the bedroom, it is already warm and cozy, ready for a good night sleep.

A climate control system will also allow you to adjust and monitor the climate of another residence. Imagine that the first big snowfall just fell on your ski house out west. Work has been hectic, and you could really use some fresh powder skiing to help decompress. Before arriving, simply pull up the remote application on your laptop or mobile web browser, and activate the arrival mode. When you arrive, your boots will be warmed and waiting. Another key feature of remote management is maintenance alerts. Our climate control interface can notify you when there is a problem. Should the temperature fall below a predetermined level, the system can automatically send out e-mail or text message warnings to whomever needs to know.