Lighting Control

Thomas David provides lighting and shade control solutions that range from a bank of exterior lights that turn on at night to every light and window covering in the home operating in unison from a single point of control. Lighting control systems add many benefits to a residence, from energy conservation to beautiful lighting scenes for every occasion. Thomas David has developed a lighting control interface that allows you to configure and change your own scenes, setup custom scheduled events, or control any light or shade in the house individually.

A lighting control system conserves energy by giving you complete control and status of every light and shade in your house. Suppose you have that one person in your family that never remembers to turn off the lights when they leave the room. A lighting control system gives you the ability to know what rooms have lights on and allows you to turn them off from any room in the house. With occupancy sensors located strategically in the home, this can also be done automatically after a specified time. No more going away for a week and coming home to realize that all of the kids bedroom lights have been on the entire time. With shade and window treatment control, you can manage natural light and heat to minimize the lights that need to be on and help warm or cool the room.