Video Control

Thomas David provides video systems that are of great quality and simple to use. Video control systems allow the user to select and control the sources for any room in the house from a single point of control. Whether it is a dedicated home theater, a media room with multiple displays, or the master bedroom, any space can be turned on with the press of a button.

Our video control systems allow any user to access any source, in any room, at any time. Distributed video systems utilize matrix switching which allow any input (source) to be distributed to any output (room). This means that if your home has ten video displays throughout the house, instead of having a cable box in each room, we can put four in your mechanical room. One dedicated to you, one for your significant other, and two for guests. This gives you the ability to watch and record your own shows from any room in the house, minimizes your monthly bill, and removes the stack of electronics from each room.

Our user interface also allows for a dedicated channel guide directly on your touchpanel. This guide can be updated remotely as channels are added or numbers are changed. When your cable provider adds new channels to their high-definition offerings, the icons appear under the HDTV section of your user interface automatically. You can also update your favorite channels directly on your touchpanel. Imagine there are three sporting events happening simultaneously, and you would like to keep an eye on all three. You can easily find the channels in the sports section of the guide, add these channels to your favorites, and quickly switch between the channels. We can even provide smaller TVs that flank your primary display. Now you can really watch everything simultaneously.