Security Control

Thomas David provides a wide range of security integration and control options. From basic intrusion alerts to complex multi-camera recording solutions with automatic notification, the controls are made simple through an intuitive end user interface. Whether you want to have lights turn on automatically at night time, or if you like to keep a watchful eye at all times on your property, Thomas David provides solutions of all types.

If motion is sensed, a door or window is opened, a camera senses movement, or someone is at the front door, your system can let you know in a variety of ways. Imagine that you have a guest arrive at your residence and they ring the front gate. From that single push of the call button your phone system rings, all touch panels throughout the home give you an audible notification and popup a realtime video of the gate camera. You can now either decide to ignore that caller or press a talk button and communicate with them directly from the touch panel. If you like what they have to say, you can press the open gate button and grant them access. The same cam be done with granting access to your front door or any other area of the residence.

Any number of cameras can be strategically placed around your property and then viewed, controlled, or recorded from your flatscreen TV, computer, or touch panel. You can view all the happenings of your house while you finish some important business at the office, or while relaxing at home in your favorite chair. Your system can be your eyes while you are off enjoying yourself on vacation. Digital Video Recorders can be setup to record anything that goes on while you are away and can even be programmed to record specific cameras, turn on lights, and send notification if they sense motion. All of these features can be utilized remotely via the web.